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InfoSec Conference


Root66 Information Security Conference offers two entire full day, security-focused tracks  open to all InnoTech attendees.



This talk is 50% real audio from a social engineering engagement and 50% lessons learned from the call. During this call, Joshua talks a bank VP into giving up full access to his computer and eventually facilities. At one point during the call, the antivirus even triggers. This is an intense call with a ton of valuable lessons for any social engineer or defender looking to enhance tradecraft or better detect social engineering attacks.


Blockchain – innovative, future-proof, disruptive – learn how a leading local financial services company takes a industry first approach to transform user data and hide it away in blockchain.

Time TBA

Cyber crime is now considered the modern day mafia. And it's targeting businesses of all sizes across the state. In this session, we look at how sophisticated cyber-crime has become. We analyze attacks that have happened right here in Oklahoma, including the $4.2 million OK Pension fund theft that recently made national headlines. And we provide the strategies you need to prevent becoming the next victim.


This session provides insight from Trend Micro Research on the current threat landscape and integrating a multi layered security approach across your enterprise. Digital extortion has increasingly become cybercriminals’ first and foremost money-making modus operandi. It’s mostly due to ransomware — cybercriminals’ currently most popular weapon of choice, helping them in extorting cash from users all over the world and in hitting big businesses and organizations.


Security breaches are in the news daily, yet how do you translate those headlines into action – or inaction – by employees who are an email click away from letting something very bad happen? Educating staff about the importance of data safety is a priority, but employees need to be able to access data and complete tasks without completely inhibiting their ability to do so.


Including 3rd Party Risk Assessments as part of your Information Security Program.

  • Define the Blind Side of Data

  • Create a well-defined Information Security Program (including 3rd Party Risk Assessments)

  • Best Practices for an Information Security Program

  • Managing the changing Landscape of Data Threats and Motivations

  • Common Challenges and ways to Overcome them

  • What role does Data Compliance play

  • Q&A


With nearly 10 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices online, IoT will soon outpace non-IoT devices. Your cybersecurity program needs to account for widespread, insecure, and sometimes unexpected IoT devices. In this talk, Geoff Wilson, CEO of Go Security Pro, will detail IoT hacks and why these devices are such attractive targets. Geoff will also introduce practical strategies for protecting your critical assets while accommodating IoT in your environment.


Over the past decade, we've seen DevOps transition from a select few practitioners working on the bleeding edge to a widely adopted and practiced set of methodologies around how we build and ship software. The practice of DevOps helps us build effective teams that are equally responsible for building as well as running software.

Security is critical to all aspects of how we build and ship software. With all of the rapid innovation and out-of-the-box thinking we have experienced with the advent of DevOps, this point has not always been in focus. We refer to DevSecOps as a means of rectifying this, bringing security practices into the frame as a first class citizen.

In this talk, we'll cover some of this context and discuss some practical, hands-on best practices for securing our code, our build pipelines, and our deployments.


In recent years, data breach incidents have become a nearly unavoidable threat to all types of businesses. Resiliency and planning are the keys to keeping your organization from being the next major data breach victim and headline for news outlets. We will discuss the steps that risk, cybersecurity, HR and legal professionals alike can take to minimize the effects a data breach might have on your company, and preventative measures your organization can take to ensure you are doing as much as possible to protect yourself.


Securing your IT infrastructure should not be a one-time, ad-hoc effort; it must be embedded within your daily operations. For too many companies, security is a knee-jerk reaction to an attack. Information security is something that moves up and down the enterprise, and every end-user has to be given the tools to participate and engage in protecting themselves and the company's assets. Everyone has a role. Here is how to make data security an inherent, proactive and continual aspect of governance.


Since the rollout of GDPR, many U.S. states have been developing their own legislation with similar requirements and fines for organizations that fail to meet them. Join this interactive discussion about what the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) changes mean for you and your business, for an update on how to maintain compliance with recent legislation, and what U.S. privacy law could look like in the next five years.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • The businesses that are or may be subject to the CCPA

  • What are important steps to prepare for CCPA

  • Other data privacy laws that create pitfalls for business

  • How to determine which compliance frameworks to adopt


InnoTech Happy 45 Minute REception

Network with other IT and business professionals from the region. Experience the InnoTech exhibits, enjoy a cold beverage, networking and prize drawings at the InnoTech Happy 45-Minute Reception…a networking tradition!